This Ad Will Make You Realize That There’s Life After Heartbreak! Must Watch

Maybe dealing with heartbreak is one of the most painful things to happen in someone’s life.

And it’s more agonizing if you found your love partner is having an intimate affair with someone else, right before your very eyes. It felt like it’s the end of the world for you.

Funny, this 90 second commercial video will make you realize that you can move on to any heartbreak, but not to an insufferable physical pain. So you need their product as a cure, which we find as a great marketing tactic to advertise out there without being pushy. No wonder it goes viral and receive positive reactions from those who saw it.

No wonder because this is created by a great group of creative people. In tune of Jessa Zaragoza hit “Bakit Pa?”, award-winning director Erik Matti along with his talented team, they vividly showcased the experience and misery of being heart broken, to losing himself and then finally how the male character endured it and realizing there’s life after her. In the latter part, he somehow got the guts to attend her ex-girlfriend’s wedding. But guess who got the last laugh (so don’t miss the lass part of the video!)

Check out this Dolfenal ad entitled “Love”:

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