Meet the Filipina Doppelgänger of Chloë Grace Moretz


Are you a fan of Chloë Grace Moretz? You might love this post.

This week, a Facebook picture of a fast food chain – Jollibee – cashier crew went viral as she seems to be a Filipina version of the beautiful American actress, who starred in movies, The 5th Wave, Carrie, and If I Stay.

Her name is Edcell Ched, a 20-year-old working student at the City of Malabon University, who became instant internet famous thanks to the power of social media. It all started when a Facebook user named Jesse Carls uploaded a snapshot of Edcell while on duty. And many approved that she’s indeed has a close resemblance to Ms. Moretz.

And when she herself, Chloë Grace Moretz saw Edcell’s pictures on Twitter, she was in awe when her eyes meet her Filipina doppelganger.

And her approval, priceless.

h/t ABS-CBN News