Jollibee dances “Versace on the Floor” and everyone loses their mind!


What if the Bruno Mars’ romantic massive hit will be danced by the most favorite mascot in the country? That what if has finally happened!

A viral dance video of Jollibee mascot instantly caught the attention of the netizens as it dances the hit “Versace on the Floor”. No wonder because this Jollibee mascot performed an impressive dance number that brings the crowd wild! The recorded clip is from a Kiddie birthday party where the mascot gracefully did a fun dance number.

After it was uploaded, the video has already got 1.4 million views after 12 hours on Facebook Page of Tanner Mata.

Although there are comments that the dance looks too sensual for the young ones but some defended it and even wants to have Jollibee dance this to their kid’s party.

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You can watch the said viral video below:

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