This netizen can’t stop himself not to share his kilig to a flight attendant

This netizen can't stop himself not to share his kilig to a flight attendant

A male airline passenger posted an adorable video showing his admiration to a flight attendant.

Netizen named Tim Sawyer shares to the online world his love interest to a stewardess that he longs to know the name. The video shows his romantic excitement to a cabin attendant as he records a vlog. There comes a moment in the video that the stewardess is already near him but he didn’t have the courage to ask her name. So at the end of the video, he asks help to know the flight attendant’s name. Sawyer’s video immediately went viral, which already has more than 3 Million views as of this writing. Moreover, Sam Concepcion’s, and April Boy’s hits adorably add cuteness and “kilig” to this viral clip.

At the comments, the netizens answered him by giving some names of airline attendants who seem look alike to the lady in the video. Sadly, the one who seemed to be the flight attendant is already happily married and have a family.

Watch this adorable viral that shows that men go “kilig”, too.

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