Dashcam video of verbal exchange of a barker and car owner went viral

Journalist James Deakin posted a dash cam video recording of a car owner driving in the metro. The car driver had an argument with a barker.

The car driver had an argument with a barker. The verbal tussle started when the barker angrily strikes the hood of the car. This happened at a corner stop near the traffic signal where the barker is calling passengers for the jeepney, which is at front of the car. The barker got irritated when the car started to prematurely move. And that’s when the argument between the two fumed.

The car owner asked the barker “Boss, sakayan po ba yan?” (Boss, is this place a passenger terminal?)

The barker shouted “Boss, nagtatrabaho lang boss!” (Boss, this is just work!)

The video caught the attention of the netizens, gaining more than 65 thousand views after 4 hours it was posted.

James Deakin suggested to watch it with sound. You can watch the video below:

Who do you think is right, the car owner or the barker? Share your thoughts at the comment.