John Lloyd Cruz apologizes to the “little boys & girls”

A day after videos showing him “drunk”, John Lloyd Cruz went to his Instagram account to apologize.

John Lloyd spent his weekend with co-star Ellen Adarna in Bantayan Island, Cebu. A series of videos and photos caught the attention of the netizens showed not only the sweetness of the two Kapamilya stars. But the drunk yet carefree side of the award-winning box-office actor surprised them. Those who watched the videos have different opinions. Most of them bashed him for his uncontrolled behavior but some understand his happy moments.

But John Lloyd is quick to learn his lessons. He apologized, especially to the young boys and girls who watched the said videos.

“diz iz mi lerning. very humbling but i do apologize to the little boys & girls. no regrets babies just life revealing its raw beauty.”, the Home Sweetie Home star wrote in his IG account (ekomsi).

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There’s no doubt Ellen and Lloydie enjoyed their brief vacation in Cebu. Even though they deny rumors of their romantic spark. Along with friends, Ellen posted beautiful and fun photos on their respective Instagram accounts.

Ellen Adarna and John Lloyd Cruz climbing coconut tree
Ellen Adarna and John Lloyd Cruz climbing coconut tree (photo from IG/maria.elena.adarna)


Ellen makes funny face and John Lloyd smiling
Ellen makes funny face and JL smiling (photo from IG/maria.elena.adarna)


Fun shot of John Lloyd by Ellen
Fun shot of John Lloyd by Ellen (photo from IG/maria.elena.adarna)
JL, Ellen and friends
JL, Ellen, and friends (photo from IG/roniyu)

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