Netizens admire Andi Eigenmann to her simple yet happy life in Siargao

Its refreshing to see a popular celebrity enjoying a simple and ordinary life in the island.

Andi Eigenmann fell in love with Siargao and took a pause for a luxurious lifestyle in show business.

Last December, Andi posted her first vlog on her YouTube channel about their everyday life in Siargao with her partner Philmar Alipayo and kids Ellie and Lilo. She also shared a glimpse of their not-yet finished dream house. The vlog post immediately accepted by the viewers, which skyrocketed to 1M views in 3 days. “I am smiling from ear to ear because our first ever vlog has reached 1M views in 3 days! We are super grateful! Thank you for all the love for me, @chepoxz and my children,” she said in an Instagram post.

Andi uploaded her 3rd vlog on February 8 titled ‘Grilling Our Friends’ Fresh Catch + Fish Mukbang’. It already gathered more than 3.5 Millions views and more importantly, receives beautiful words of admiration from the viewers. Some of them are:

She really shows how contented she is with the kind of life she choose… I like her

– Dona Liza Samson

I was so annoyed with her before, but seeing how she lives her life now changed my opinion of her. She looks genuinely happy. God bless you and your beautiful family Andi

Lalu Lola

this vlog is realistic as we see. This is how you survive in a wilderness. I can’t appreciate other vloggers with all the kaartihan with all the yaiks and heavy drama. Kaya Philmar & Andi you deserve 25m views and 1M subscriber.

Samsun and I

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