Xian Gaza offers Nadine Lustre, a Bouquet of Mustang

Xian Gaza offers Nadine Lustre, a Bouquet of Mustang

After his failed viral billboard proposal to Erich Gonzales, Xian S. Gaza once again is back with another awkward public offering this time to – Nadine Lustre!

After an hour it was uploaded, a picture of Red Mustang with a bouquet of flowers surrounding it with a romantic greetings “Happy Valentines Day Nadine Lustre from Xian S. Gaza”. The post immediately caught the attention of the netizens, which Xian captioned it romantically like a love letter:

Dear Nadine Lustre,

First of all, Happy Valentine’s Week! Sana ay nagustuhan mo at nawa’y tanggapin mo ‘tong “Bouquet of Mustang” na regalo ko para sayo.

Since my teenage days, KSP na talaga ako. Whenever I really like someone, gagawin ko ang lahat-lahat para makuha ang atensyon nung babaeng gusto ko in the grandest way possible within my means. Just like my ligaw efforts to Ella Cruz way back 2016 and so with my epic fail billboard for Erich last 2017.

Three years after, here I am again. Nagpapapansin naman this time sayo. Maaari nanamang magmukhang tanga at katatawanan ng publiko but idgaf sa opinyon ng iba. This is me, this is how I express myself, this is the way I am.

Maybe iisipin ng madlang people that this Ford Mustang is too much, na parang binibili kita at yung pagkababae mo. Nope! It’s just that my financial capacity at the moment is a little bit good and I believe that you deserve to be the first ever person in the Philippines to receive a “Bouquet of Mustang” as a Valentines gift because that’s how high I value you as a woman.

All I want is to be your acquaintance, nothing more nothing less.

Happy Valentines to you, Nadine.

Christian Albert Gaza

It was recently Nadine admitted she and her former boyfriend James Reid already split so no wonder many eyes are looking to the beautiful lady. Xian is known for his brave and surprising moves to caught the attention of the girl he likes.

Will Nadine accept the Bouquet of Mustang? Do you like what Xian Gaza did? Let us know in the comment section!