Bela Padilla raising funds for Metro Manila street vendors affected by COVID-19 quarantine

Bela Padilla raise funds for street vendors affected by community quarantine in Metro Manila

Kapamilya actress, Bela Padilla started a fundraising campaign for the vendors in the streets of Metro Manila directly affected by the community quarantine imposed due to the danger of pandemic novel coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

“How do the taho, sampaguita, chips and basahan vendors we see on EDSA who probably sold close to nothing today eat tonight. And tomorrow? And the whole month? Is there anyone I can go to, to talk about this and hopefully help out? :)” she asked her followers through her Twitter account, March 15 (Sunday).

As the day-by-day food on the table of the less fortunate and Filipino vendors who depend on their everyday source of income to what they sell in question, this led Bela to extend her help through an online fundraising campaign on GoGetFunding entitled “pagkain para sa pinoy” (Food for Pinoy).

“The best solution I came up with is for us to donate. I set up an account, and whatever money we do raise, let’s split 16 ways for the 16 cities of Metro Manila affected by this community quarantine. I will personally see to it that the money we raise will go to the right people.”, she tweeted after her questions of concern.

“During this inevitable pandemic, there will be a lot of Filipinos who wont be able to rely on their normal sources of income. Our favorite taho, dirty ice cream and bananacue vendors wont be able to secure enough money to guarantee food for their families at the end of the day for one month until our community quarantine is over. lets look out for them please and donate what we can and lets split the money we raise 16 ways for the 16 cities of Metro Manila affected by this temporary lockdown.”, Bela wrote on her GoGetFunding campaign page.

The non-profit campaign targets to raise 1 Million pesos until 11:59 P.M. of March 31. Through this online fundraising platform, with the minimum of a peso, anyone who has access to the internet can donate any amount through credit card, debit card, and Paypal (or GCash to Paypal). The campaign is well-received, which has ₱374,380 funds and gathers more than 300 backers as of this writing. So if you have some spare amounts, it’s best to share it with those in need, especially in these trying times.

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