A mother admitted in UST Hospital due to opening a biscuit plastic wrapper

A mother admitted in UST Hospital due to opening a biscuit plastic wrapper

Let’s admit, it’s usual for us Filipinos to see someone opening a snack or biscuit wrapper using their teeth, especially when in a hurry. It might not be big deal to think at first but it’s risky to do that, honestly. Here’s one example.

Joy Diaz Austero, concerned netizen, shares a hard experience of her mother cause by opening a biscuit wrapper with bare teeth.


This is why you shouldn’t open plastic wrappers with your teeth

Below is the full text of her Facebook post:

A lesson to be learned. For everyone’s safety, please pag magbubukas kayo ng packaging nang any biscuit or chicha or any packaging na plastic, PLEASE do not use your mouth kung ayaw nyo matulad sa nangyare kay nanay. So ito na nga ang reason.

FEB. 23 nang magbukas si nanay ng isang skyflakes gamit bibig nya, nang biglang parang nahigop nya un. Naubo sya, pinilit nyang ilabas kasi nahirapan sya makahinga, matagal din syang inubo pero di nya nailuwa ung plastic. Pinilit nyang isuka pero wala talaga, kaya nag decide na kami dlhin sya sa E.R. Nagpunta kami ng Fatima Med kaso sbe wla daw EENT ksi gabi na at may oras doon. Rekta kami Chinese Gen. ganon din ang sinabe so dumirecho kame ng UST Hospital which is ni recommend ng unang 2 hospital na pinuntahan namin. Hindi ko alam ung exact na ginawa kay nanay pero sinilip ung lalamunan nya but they got nothing. Nakita lang ung sugat at punit sa lalamunan nya. But the Doctor told us na obserbahan si Nanay if mahirapan makahinga.

Almost 1 week nang biglang parang hikain si nanay, as in na nahihirapan sya makahinga at grabe ung hingal nya. Nagpunta kami for a follow up check up which they recommends once mahirapan makahinga si nanay. Saka nila nirefer sa Pulmonologist dahil 2 lang daw pwede puntahan nung plastic, sa daluyan ng pagkain or daluyan ng hangin. Kung sa daluyan ng pagkain napunta, eh itatae lang din daw un. Pero di namin alam bakit maswerte tong plastic ng skyflakes bakit sa daluyan ng hangin ni nanay sya napunta. YES, opo, sa RIGHT LUNG na NAKUHA yang plastic na yan. Kaya grabe hingal ni nanay, at nagtrigger na tumaas ang BP, Blood Sugar, ung sa heart nya hndi normal even potassium & weight nya bumaba.

Kaya po doble ingat, mas ok na gumamit nalang ng gunting, or do it with your 2 hands kasi di sya biro. Anyway, thankyou po sa lahat ng comments and messages nyo. Nababasa ko po siya, dko lang kayo maisa isa, kasi yan po ung buong istorya eh masyado mahaba ikwento. Thankyou po sainyo and keep on praying po for fast recovery ng aking Nanay. God bless everyone.

PS: Bronchoscopy po ang ginawa kay nanay, which is pinatulog sya at may pinasok na instrument sa tubo ng baga nya. At nakita ngang nasa right lung naka harang ung plastic.

PPS: Thankyou to Dr. Perez de Tagle (otolaryngologist) & Dr. Dalupang(pulmonologist) and to 2 other Doctors for Internal Med & Cardio na tumingin kay nanay at sa ibang Assistant Doctors & Nurses.

Kindly do share para na din maging aware lahat mapabata man o matanda.

Below is the English translation of Joy’s post:

A lesson to be learned. For everyone’s safety, every time you open a biscuit, snack, or any plastic packaging, please do not use your mouth if you don’t want to happen that happened to my mother. Here’s why:

February 23, my mother opened a skyflakes with her mouth. Accidentally, she sips a part of the plastic wrapper. After that, she then coughs hard, forcing her to get out the piece of plastic inside her mouth. She had a hard time breathing. She forced to vomit it but still can’t remove the culprit. So we decided to take her to the Emergency Room. We went to the Fatima Med but there was no EENT because it’s already late at night. Then we went to the Chinese General Hospital but still, there’s no EENT. Then we went to UST Hospital, which is recommended by the first two hospitals. They checked her throat. They saw a bruise and a scratch. The Doctor told us to observe my mother if she had difficulty in breathing.
Almost 1 week, my mom suddenly had a hard time breathing. We went back for a follow-up check-up. They referred us to a Pulmonologist. They said the plastic wrapper either went to the food or air passage. If the plastic went to the food passage then it will be excreted. But we don’t know why this plastic of the biscuit is so lucky. It went to the airway passage of my mother. Fortunately, the plastic was taken out of her right lung. That’s the reason why my mother had difficulty in breathing. It also triggered her blood pressure, and blood sugar to rise. Her heart was not normal, even her potassium and weight dropped.
So double-check your safety. It’s better to use scissors or do it with your hands because this is a serious matter. Anyway, thank you for all your comments and messages. I read them all. Thank you very much and keep on praying for my mom’s fast recovery. God bless everyone.

Bronchoscopy was the procedure done to my mother. Wherein an instrument is inserted in her lungs for examination. Through this, they saw the plastic was located on her right lung.

PPS: Thank you to Dr. Perez de Tagle (Otolaryngologist), Dr. Dalupang (Pulmonologist), and other two Doctors for Internal Med & Cardio who looked at my mother and to the assistant doctors and nurses.

Kindly do share for awareness, whether you’re young or adult.