Netizens laud Mayor Vico Sotto for outstanding leadership amid COVID-19

Netizens laud Vico Sotto for outstanding leadership amid COVID-19

Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto’s name trended on Twitter, March 18, Wednesday. The first-time mayor received recognition and admiration from the Filipino netizens for his notable actions in combat the COVID-19 coronavirus.

As the enhanced community quarantine imposed by the national government, Mayor Vico Sotto made sure his presence felt by the people of Pasig City.

In less than a couple of weeks, he set the standard high as a public servant. He is proactive on his Facebook Page, giving important updates to the Pasiguenos. Below are some of the remarkable actions by Mayor Vico Sotto, summarized by Martin Cervantes:

Implementation of leeway for alternative transport for front liners and medical staff.

  • Reoriented use of Bikes for front liners
  • Initiated Ordinance No. 07 Anti Panic Buying and Anti Hoarding (the 1st city to do this)
  • Purchased Disinfectant drones
  • Purchased 400,000 food packs for constituents (without his face or name on the packs)
  • Purchased at a discount (managed expenses), vitamins to be provided to constituents
  • All City Hall Employees (regular and contractual) will be PAID FULL salaries during ECQ
  • Assisted by its constituents for a voluntary quarantine facility
  • Initiated a disinfection area at City Hall
  • Initiated a mobile kitchen for constituents
  • Implementation of a RISK ASSESSMENT for plans rolled out

As the country is facing COVID-19, a public servant like Mayor Vico Sotto is like a silver lining in this time of crisis.