A 54-yr old doctor on bike going home, killed after hit by a truck

A 54-yr old doctor on bike going home, killed after hit by a truck

Another health worker lost life amid pandemic. Not due to COVID-19 disease but a road accident.

Dr. Ma. Theresa Ballat Dajao, a 54-year-old doctor at Kahilum Health Center was hit by a 10-wheeler truck in Manila. The doctor would have returned home when the accident happened. According to the Manila police traffic investigation section, the victim was traveling along the northbound lane of Quirino Avenue by bicycle when she was hit by a truck behind her.

Dajao was rushed to Ospital ng Maynila, but was later declared dead.

According to Dr. Arnold Pangan, City Health Officer of the Manila health department said the victim only rode a bicycle on duty at the health center as it was near her home.

“The City of Manila mourns the passing of Dra. Dajao and deeply values her significant contributions in providing the highest standard of health care for Manileños,” City Health Officer Arnold Pangan said in a statement.

“Dra. Dajao, with her significant contributions providing a higher standard of health care services to the Manilans, will be sorely missed by her colleagues and friends in the Manila Health Department,” Pangan added.

Dajao has been a physician-in-charge of Kahilum Health Center and Medical Officer IV of the Manila Health Department since 2006.

“She died with her boots on,” Yeshah Grace Cuarteros said. 

“Nakakalungkot man isipin pero wala na si Doktora. Another frontliner na nawala hindi man sa sakit na COVID-19 kundi dahil sa pagod at pag-aaruga sa lahat ng pasyente sa center. Kaya pagod na siya pag-uwi na naka-bike at naaksidente,” Cuarteros said in a tribute to her family’s doctor via Facebook Page FYT.

At the age of 54, Dr. Theresa Dajao’s colleagues recognized her as a reliable and hard-working doctor. The Manila Police District traffic enforcement unit arrested the 36-year-old truck driver but was also released after the case was settled.

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