Vic Sotto and Pauleen Luna continue Holy Week tradition despite lockdown

Vic Sotto and Pauleen Luna continue Holy Week tradition despite lockdown

Celebrity couple Vic Sotto and Pauleen Luna-Sotto continued the yearly Holy Week tradition in the Philippines “Pabasa” inside their house despite the enhanced community quarantine implemented in the country.

“Pabasa, Continuing family tradition despite the lockdown. Vic and I take turn every 10-20 pages. Day 2 tomorrow. Around 60 pages left!” Pauleen captioned in a Facebook post with pictures of her husband Vic while holding a “pabasa” book. The Catholic devotion popularly called “Pabasa” mentioned by Pauleen is done every Holy Week, usually on Good Friday. It’s a tradition of chanting the words from “Pasyon”, an epic poem narrates the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Pauleen’s post is well received by the netizens as it inspires the Filipinos to praise and have faith, especially in unprecedented times experiencing in the country. Lots of fans of the two hosts of Eat Bulaga also shared photos of their version of the Catholic devotion inside their house during this time of the pandemic.

“You’re not only our idol as a comedian but your way of thanking God, for all the blessings,that your family are sharing to the less fortunate and your prayers for the present situation in our country, is what I admired most, stay humble Sotto family, God bless your family.”, a Facebook fan commented.

Vic and Pauleen also sing worship songs including “Lord, I offer my life to You”. Pauleen posted their version a couple of weeks of the lockdown. The couple is also having family time with their daughter Talitha during the “Stay Home, Stay Safe” policy. Moreover, the couple is active in inviting the public to pray the rosary through Facebook Live.

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