#BawalLumabas: Kim Chiu releases an upbeat song inspired from Classroom analogy

Over the last few days, Kapamilya actress Kim Chiu was on a hot seat after many netizens bashed her about her failed classroom analogy after her mother network, ABS-CBN, abruptly shutdown on-air.

The actress admitted that she was hurt by those sends bad and hateful comments to her on her social media accounts. This led her to take a pause in the online world and get a breather after a week. But after the hate and disagreement over her “Bawal Lumabas” classroom analogy, her words are turned into music in the time of the pandemic. Thanks to DJ Squammy who turned the hated Kim Chiu’s words into a danceable Tiktok and cover song!

Last May 14, an open letter to Kim Chiu by a brand guy named Adrian Crisanto circulated and became viral on Facebook. His intention to write to the actress is “not add fuel to the fire”, but at least encourage her. With more than 40 thousand positive reactions and shared more than 14 thousand times, the letter was able to reach the actress’ attention. In Crisanto’s letter, he enumerated some ideas about how Kim can “redeem herself” by turning her mistakes into a mission!


The first of the ideas is to record a song! With many covers, parodies, and remixes circulating, Crisanto suggested Chiu to “own it”. Make a full song including the #BawalLumabas classroom analogy then release it with the help Kapamilya record company, Star Music. Some of other ideas are; do a TikTok Challenge using the hashtag #BawalLumabas, an online talent show, and even a whole line of merchandise!

Today, May 18, Kim Chiu returned online and published an interview vlog with Adrian Crisanto and DJ Squammy. She explained her hiatus to social media for a week and how she slowly cope again. At the same vlog post her channel, she released the official Bawal Lumabas, The Classroom song.
Check out the video below.

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