Freelance model gives 23 bicycles than a fancy birthday celebration

A kind-hearted freelance model chose to help other people as a way to celebrate her 23rd birthday.

RA Garcia successfully finished a project she called “BikeIsLove happÿheart23”. Garcia gave bicycles to her chosen 23 heartys who are in need of alternative means of transportation for work amid the community quarantine. The freelance model with the assistance of her three male friends, personally delivered the bicycles to the recipients of her gift, two weeks before her birthday, June 23.

A day before her birthday, Garcia met Lolo Carlos, the man who inspired her to do the generous act. Lolo Carlos’ story recently went viral when a generous bike shop owner gave him free bike as a way to “pay it forward”. Garcia got inspired to Lolo Carlos’ story, and remembered her dear grandfather who also used to ride on bicycle, Lolo Pepe. So she decided to push through her bicycle giveaway project instead of a fancy birthday celebration.

Garcia was thankful to the outcome of the project. “MARAMING SALAMAT SA LAHAT NG BUMATI. No fancy cake, no fancy bag just pure love, happiness and peace from within. (heart emotion) #forever23”.

The “BikeIsLove” recipients were different kinds of people who’s having a bike will be a big help to their lives amid the community quarantine.

On Father’s Day, RA Garcia and her friends went to Binangonan to give a father who works as a breadwinner for his family. Then her team went to Tanay, Rizal, where she gave a bike to an elder man who still choose to work.

Moreover, she also gave a bike to a father who was affected of “No Work, No Pay” job scheme. She also gave each to a retired OFW, a jeepney driver, a former taxi driver. They also gave one to a young leukemia survivor as a gift.

Garcia thanked Kimfred Bicycle Parts & Accessories who help her to setup the bikes and for the price discounts.

“MISSION ACCOMPLISHED TAYO MGA KA-HEARTY!!!”, Garcia said on a Facebook post after they successfully gave all the 23 bicycles.