YouTuber Mika Salamanca addresses Hawaii quarantine issue

Mika Salamanca addresses Hawaii quarantine issue

YouTube vlogger Mika Salamanca answered the rumors about the quarantine violations in Hawaii.

In a video, Salamanca apologized about the misunderstanding spread on social media regarding her stay in Honolulu.

She admitted that she and her friends went out after she landed in Hawaii. She cleared that they already settled about the issue.

“Gusto ko po mag-sorry sa lahat ng misunderstanding and sa lahat ng maling nakikita nyo sa internet. Inaamin ko po na nagkamali po ako nun time na dumating kami dito sa Hawaii ay agad po kaming lumabas.”

There were complaints and reports from those who saw them.

She explained there were law enforcers who already went to the house where she was in quarantine.

“So yun mga law enforcer dun pinuntahan ako sa bahay kung saan ako nagkakaquarantine. Sila po mismo nagsabi sa kin “you’re not in trouble, if you’re negative you can go out”, she said.

The day after, they went to a hospital and took the swab test. The results were negative. “Sorry po wala po akong naspread na virus,” she cleared.

Even the law encoders told her that she can go out if she’s negative, she stayed at home for 14 days.

“Dumating po ako sa Hawaii ng July 6, and last day of quarantine is July 19.”, she said.

In addition, they even called 5 times the COVID-19 law enforcers to made sure she could go starting last July 20.

She said that the netizens who posted about her alleged violation in Hawaii didn’t reach out directly to her. “Yun mga nagpost sa Twitter and Facebook. Hindi po sila nagreach out directly sa min para magtanong sa min. Kung bakit ako nasa labas at kailan ako dumating. Nagsettle lang po sila dun sa nakikita sa internet.” she said.

Moreover, she said she understood the frustrations of the people that COVID-19 is a serious matter.

Lastly, she shared the Hawaii law enforcers hotline numbers on the video screen for those who still have concerns and questions.

“No hate, spread love guys.” Mika Salamanca ended her 2 minutes and 49 seconds video.

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