WATCH: Vlogger transforms ‘ukay’ clothes into stylish DIY dresses

WATCH: Vlogger transforms ‘ukay’ clothes into stylish DIY dresses

Do you have oversized old clothes you can’t use?

Get some ideas and inspiration to this creative young vlogger, Imee Marquez. The Laguna-based vlogger bought clothes in thrift shops, popularly called “ukay-ukay in the country”. Then with her creativity, sewing knowledge, and time, she turned these “ukay” clothes into new trendy dresses.

On Facebook, Marquez shared the ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos of the thrift clothes flipped into elegant looking dresses.

“I don’t buy expensive clothes but I buy ukay clothes which I can make it looks expensive”, she shared.

“I made these DIY clothes to make you have some ideas on how to transform your oversized men’s shirt and other unfashionable clothes you have into something fashionable and trendy outfit!”, she added.

“I’m not a professional seamstress, I’m just making clothes the way I want it to be.” she said.
The DIY “thrift transformation” tutorials of Imee Marquez are available on her YouTube channel.