Janica Nam Floresca reveals new relationship years after Franco’s death

Janica Nam Floresca reveals new relationship years after Franco’s death

Model Janica Nam Floresca revealed a new relationship after almost 3 years of the sudden death of her ex-boyfriend Franco Hernandez in November 2017.

On Facebook, Janica Nam posted a sepia picture of two photographs of her and new boyfriend.

“Love just comes naturally and it will find it’s way into our lives, just like how God has sent you to me.”, she wrote on the caption.

“You are my today and all of my tomorrow’s.”, she added.

Janica Nam tagged named Lorenz Sia in the said post.

A date 9.8.20 was written on one of the two photographs on the posted picture.


Before her revelation of a new chapter in her life, she shared in an earlier post that God gave her a sign and she feel in love again.

“I want to share something here. Since the day my Angel had passed away almost 3 yrs ago, I was actually contented of being alone. I even thought of not being with someone else ever, as long as I have my family, friends and God, I knew that I would be okay.”, she started the post by remembering the ex-Hashtags member.

“But this year I asked myself what if someday when someone comes into my life, will I get to fall in-love again?”, she asked herself.

“I told to myself that I didn’t really need anyone in my life, I love spending time alone.”

“I know I became strong which put me on being okay and happy with all by myself in my own ways and then he suddenly came around and changed everything.”

“I asked God for a sign and He gave me one.”, she revealed.

“I put all my faith and trust in God in every aspect of my life.”

“I can’t imagine that I will feel this love again.”, she declared.

“Regardless of what we’ve been through in our past, we are currently living in our present and what’s to come.”

“My experience was extreme and intense heartache you couldn’t imagine, and most people think that my heart hasn’t healed, but believe me because I know in many ways IT HAS!”, Janica Nam said she has moved on after the heartaches she experienced after that happened to Franco.

“Many people have transformed my life and supporting me in my journey until now. I know my angel above is smiling and happy for me. He will always be loved and missed. Some things will always remain with a person, and this is one that will always be a part of who I am.”

“Every sunrise is a new chapter in our lives waiting to be written. This is a new beginning of a new book. I’m proud of the woman I’ve become because I fought to become her.”

Janica Nam Floresca send her thanks to all who continuously support and love her.

“Thank you everyone for your continuous support and love over the years! For being there through every chapter of my life. I hope I can still inspire you in everything. I love you all fam.”

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