LOOK: Sunset on Manila Bay white sand

LOOK: Sunset witness on Manila Bay white sand

The Manila Bay white sand beach project opened for the public this weekend, September 19 to 20.

Thousands of visitors flock to witness the rehabilitated part of the bay with synthetic white sands amid the pandemic. As shown in photos and videos shared in social media, social distancing was a challenge to maintain for the authorities, Sunday morning.

The government still push through the initial phase of the rehabilitation despite opposed by some civil and environmental groups.

Most spectators took their chance to capture photos of the makeover of the natural harbor. However, the public is prohibited to swim to the bay.

Before the 2-day preview ended, a netizen shoots some photos of the golden sunset of the Manila Bay.

Nathaniel Adam Cruz shared on Facebook, also submitted on GMA YouScoopers, his photographs of the iconic sunset of the Manila Bay last Saturday.


The weekend preview of the natural harbor for public viewing is part of government observance to the International Coastal Clean-up Day.

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