Karina Bautista reveals she underwent breast surgery due to cysts found

Karina Bautista reveals she underwent breast surgery due to cysts found

Former PBB housemate Karina Bautista revealed she faced a struggle concerning her health a couple of past months.

Karina Bautista shared she underwent surgery to remove the three cysts found in her chest.

In a video on her YouTube Channel, Karina was emotional while telling the revelation. Initially, she planned to kept it secret but now more prepared as her health condition is turning okay.

Karina shared she was watching on a streaming service app with a friend when she touched a lump on her breast.

“It all started nu’ng August 4, 2020. Nanonood ako ng Netflix. Nakataas ‘yung kamay ko habang nanonood ako. And then bigla akong may nakapa. Para kasi siyang size ng almond ng M&Ms. Then pinakapa ko du’n sa friend ko. Sabi ko ‘Uy, tingnan mo nga’ tapos ‘yun kinapa niya din. Tas meron,” she told.

The Kapamilya teen star immediately went to a hospital for a check-up. At that time, she had menstruation she thought it was normal on that day of the month.

The day after she went to a breast specialist to made sure about the lump she found.

“Nu’ng una sabi ko ‘Doc, isa lang naman po ‘yung nakakapa ko. Pero nu’ng time na ‘yun sabi ni Doc ‘Oh parang dalawa. Ito oh,’ tapos nagulat ako. So may hindi pa pala ako nakakapa nu’ng time na ‘yun kasi mas maliit pa ‘yung isa. ‘Yung time na ‘yun may taping pa ako sa nagmadali pa kami.”

The physician told her she discovered another smaller lump. Karina proceeded to do an ultrasound and received the result after 24 hours.

Her Ultrasound result stated she had three cysts found in both of her breasts. The almond size lump increased about 1.7 cm similar to the size of bubble gum. The doctor advised her to remove it.

“But then ang lumabas pala sa results ay tatlo pala ‘yung cyst na nakita sa both breasts ko. Nu’ng una kasi right ko siya nakapa. And then naging right and left tapos ngayon naging dalawang right and isang left. ‘Yung sinasabi kong parang size ng almond is parang bubble gum na nga daw. Parang lumaki ng parang 1.7cm. Ang advise ni Doc is tanggalin,” Karina said.

Karina was emotional while sharing when she needed to undergo operation again. She got sad after the thought she was over in that kind of situation. She also underwent operation back in Grade 10. Moreover, she thought of the expenses and bills needed to pay.

Karina found a sign of relief after the day of surgery, September 15.

The teen star diagnosed with fibroadenoma based on the results.

Karina will return to work and her studies after the surgery.

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