Pinoy Architect Oliver Austria designs typhoon proof small house

In light of the series of typhoons that hit the Philippines, YouTuber Pinoy Architect aims to bring awareness and help to the affected residents of the flood-hit areas in his latest video.

Popular vlogger and architect Oliver Austria designed a typhoon proof small house design and explained how it works in a 3D digital tour video on his YouTube Channel. Austria designed a small house structure that can adapt to frequently flood-hit areas in the country.

In an informative and fun video, Austria made a small house design using a shipping container as an outer shell base structure. He explained that he used shipping containers because they are watertight, ideal for mass production, and faster for construction. Also, he said there are 2nd-hand shipping containers that can be bought online around 70-90 thousand pesos.

In the exterior design, Austria removed one panel of the shipping container to served as the balcony deck of the small house. He set the main structure at 3-meters higher that will avoid the possible floodwater. As a special feature, the foldable front balcony deck can be converted into a protective barrier of the house. Moreover, the waterproof house can float up to 5 meters high floodwater.

In the interior of the small house, Austria used the contemporary minimalist design with space-saving transformations. The kitchen has pull-out drawer tables. The same area can be transformed into dining area and sleeping area. As dining area, the wood and mirror area can turn into table and chairs. As sleeping area, the cabinetry can be transform into Murphy beds.

Moreover, Pinoy Architect shared typhoon proofing tips for the house. Presented by his reporter parody character, Austria shared preventive solutions to water leaks of roofs, and windows.

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