Netizen calls out #TiktokChallenge post assuming someone dining out alone is lonely 

Netizen calls out #TiktokChallenge post assuming someone dining out alone is lonely 

A netizen calls out a #TiktokChallenge post about assuming someone eating out alone in public is lonely. 

The Tiktok video shows a man wearing a pair of wireless earphones while having a meal in a fast-food restaurant. The video embedded with the text, “Napansin ko lang si kuya while kumakain kami sa may QC Macdo, wala kasi siyang kasama. I would have liked to sit next to him so he could be with him. Kaso nahiya ako (emoji).”

A self-confessed introvert, David Christopher Hizon wrote about the #TiktokChallenge on the now-viral Facebook post. 

“Please do not do this. Do not ever assume someone is lonely eating alone. Do not ever assume that your presence, a stranger, practically invading their personal space will be appreciated. Hindi lahat ng tao kailangan ng may kasama habang kumain or gumala or manood ng sine or whatever. People (like me actually) do enjoy doing things alone.” he said. 

David also shared his personal experience. “When I was still in school or working onsite as a trainer, eating alone was usually my escape from everything. Just some time for myself, away from people and the noise. A time for me to think. To plan. To rest and recharge. Or to just enjoy stuff that only I can appreciate. Certainly, a stranger invading my personal space and time wouldn’t have been a welcome experience.” 

“Sa totoo lang, all I see here is a guy enjoying his meal and what looks like some ice cream while watching probably a TV show on his phone or some YT channel. Enjoying his alone time.

Let’s not make a big deal out of people doing things alone. Hindi lahat ng tao dependent sa ibang tao para sumaya.”

David gave a reminder that taking photos of someone should have a consent from the person, especially when posting it online, or at least blur the face for privacy. In addition, he said it’s a universal sign that if someone wears earphones, the person wants to be alone. 

Moreover, eating out alone isn’t just for introverts, ambiverts and extroverts also enjoy the said activity to enjoy time. 

“EDIT: Notice that I didn’t assume the subject of the photo to be an introvert just because he was eating alone. While I understand it’s easy to assumed he’s an introvert like me, being happy eating alone isn’t just for introverts. Ambiverts and even extroverts enjoy this activity from time to time, kaya I don’t see why people would think it’s sad to dine by yourself and that company is always required to make you happy.”

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