A TikTok user got his late brother’s last grocery list tattooed

A TikTok user got his late brother's last grocery list tattooed

A netizen recreated the last grocery list of his late little brother into a meaningful tattoo.

Bojo Dela Cruz Aquino, who has TikTok user named Bejayy or “raiinxxx” shared the story of his “next” and “most memorable tattoo” through the video sharing app. His tattoo is dedicated to his little brother, Tirso Jr.

“Sabi ko noon, my next tattoo will be my most memorable tattoo na hindi ko pagsisisihan.”

[I told myself before that the next tattoo will be my most memorable, and I will not regret having it.”]

Even outside of the country, Bejayy shared that he and his youngest brother had constant communication. The young boy never failed to message him every payday.

“Bago pa makapagpadala, may sarili na siyang listahan of goods for his own.”

[Even before I shipped a package, he already had a list of goods for his own.”]

“Not until He died this June…” he said.

Then Bejayy decided to get inked the last grocery list of his late little brother.


I miss you my little brother. Be happy in paradise now. Thank you @GE @🇵🇭six volts tattoo shop🇹🇼 for making this happen. #fyp #fypシ #kapamilyagold❤️ #pangasinense #ofwlife

♬ original sound – Bejayy💪 – Bejayy💪

He expected that there would be a lot of people would make fun of his tattoo.

“As expected, people will laugh at things they don’t understand.”

“But I don’t care that much. For me, this is the most beautiful masterpiece I’ve ever had.”

“You will forever be my always, Li’l bro.”

“I miss you, brother!! (heart emoticon).”

The video inspired and touched the heart of the netizens on Tiktok.

“Yun hnd sakit Ng tattoo ka mapapaiyak dto kundi Yun meaning Ng tattoo God job kabayan sa pagmamahal mu sa brother .. palagi mu na syang Kasama,” the top commenter said.

[“It’s not the pain of the tattoo that will make you cry, but its meaning. Good job, Kabayan, for loving your brother. He’ll always be with you.”]

“Stories like these make me love my job even more. Yung mga kwento nio yung nag pupush saken to do better. Happy ink, sir, and God bless you.” a Tattoo shop account commented.

Bejayyy’s video received more than 8.6 millions views, 1.1 million hearts, and 7.2 thousand shares as of this writing.

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