PH bet gets bullied in Asia’s Next Top Model’ but pulls a perfect revenge

PH bet gets bullied in 'Asia's Next Top Model' but pulls a perfect revenge

The remaining Philippines bet for Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 5, Maureen Wroblewitz, received rude comments from her fellow contestants showed at the Wednesday episode.

The bullying was ignited by Indonesia’s bet Clara Tan during their stay at the model house.

“You know what? For Top 6 you don’t deserve to be here,” Clara Tan confessed to Maureen.

Maureen simply responded, “That’s what you think”. 

“So why do you think you deserve to be here? Because of your pretty face but no skills?” Clara spitting harsh words to Maureen.

“I want to compete with strong models, you only have a pretty face but no skills”, added by Malaysian candidate, Shikin Gomez supporting Clara’s opinion.

Vietnam’s Minh Tu Nguyen also fired to Maureen with, “For me, stronger models have left and I think it’s unfair”. 

Then the photoshoot day has come. Maureen looks affected by the mean words at first but after getting self-confidence, getting some motivation from the photographer Yu Tsai, she pulled the best photograph of the week!

Watch this video clip of how Maureen overcomes the bullying and getting the perfect revenge at Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 5.

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Wroblewitz moves to the Top 5 after winning the week’s challenge. She is yet to win Asia’s Next Top Model title.