Working student buys a bicycle from his own hard-earned money

Working student buy a bicycle from his own hard-earned money

There is a popular saying reminds us, if you want something, there are lots of ways but if not, there are lots of excuses.

This proved true by an unnamed teenage kid who bought a mountain bike with his own hard-earned money.

Bing Encinares revealed in a Facebook post at Pinoy MTB – Filipino Mountain Bikers Group. Bing is the seller whom the teenage bought his new bicycle.

“Mga kapadyak natuwa lang may bumili po ng bike saamin nag ipon cia nagkargador sa palenke habang nag aaral..hanggang sa nakaipon cia ito po ang binayad sa binili nyang bike..idol ko ito batang to hehehe isang like lang sa bago nating kapadyak mga bos”, Bing captioned in his post.

Teen student buy a bicycle from his own hard-earned money-1
photo from Bing Encinares

He revealed that the kid worked as a porter in the market while studying in school at the same time. Until he had enough savings, the determined kid bought his much-awaited bicycle.

photo from Bing Encinares

The kid inspired and gained his respect from the members of the Filipino mountain bike group. They appreciate his willingness and hard work to get what he wants.

photo from Bing Encinares

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