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PH No.1 Siargao pro surfer Marama and Australian girlfriend get married

PH No.1 Siargao pro surfer Marama and Australian girlfriend get married

The Philippines’ top rank professional surfer from Siargao, John Mark “Marama” Tokong tied the knot with Danni Hughes, June 12, in Australia.

“And now we are Mr. & Mrs., …The day we celebrate our love “, Tokong shared the exciting news with an album of beautiful wedding photographs with wife Danni, on his Instagram and Facebook Page account. The Hughes family and their daughter Olive Indigo are also photographed during the wedding day.

Their photos went viral and reuploaded by several Facebook pages and users. Many netizens shared their happiness with the newlywed couple.

“LOVE is not when you find a person who has all you ever dream of, but it is when a person has nothing what you wanted & yet you want to compromise everything for that person. Congratulations!”, one netizen said on Tokong’s Facebook post.

“That’s what we called, a real love, a true choice, and a right time. Because being beautiful isn’t what you see outside, it is what you see inside. A love without no doubt.”, another netizen said.

One netizen praised Danni, “She doesn’t look at the outer appearance what she admires is the kind personality this man have.”

Some netizens saw the newlywed couple to Andi Eigenmann and Philmar Alipayo’s love story. Alipayo is a fellow professional surfer of Marama in Siargao.

Moreover, some netizens got curious on one of their photos. They wonder why Tokong is stepping on a toe of Danni. One netizen said it was a wedding tradition. “That means they were meant to be with each other. Hidden strings within their fingers, and the universe force is so strong that they met and love each other.”, she said.

Siargao pride’s Marama Tokong won the World Surfing League 25th Siargao Cloud 9 International Surfing Cup in 2019.

And Now We Are MR & MRS 😊The day we celebrate our love @natureearthlings 💚💚💚 💏💍💫

Posted by John Mark Tokong on Friday, June 12, 2020

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