Netizens irk vlogger ‘Buknoy Glamurrr’ for “belittling tricycle driver” video clip

Netizens irk vlogger Buknoy Glamurrr for “belittling tricycle” video clip

A vlogger named “Buknoy Glamurrr”, whose real name is Andrew Luis Lapid, found himself in hot water after a short clip including in his recent video post entry on YouTube went viral that irks many netizens.

In a 26-second clip, Buknoy was supposedly giving motivational advice to reach one’s dream but when he saw there’s a passing tricycle driver, he said “wala kayong mararating tulad nito…” and see the decent job as an example of life failure. Many netizens found his words as insult to many tricycle drivers working job hard for their families.

“Ang gusto ko talagang sabihin sa inyo is wag kayong sumuko na mangarap. Wag na wag kayong sumuko na tuparin ang mga pangarap ninyo kasi kung hindi kayo magsu-sumikap sa buhay, walang-wala kayong mararating tulad nito.”

Celebrity personality KaladKaren gave advice to Buknoy about the issue. The popular TV host and writer gave some “friendly unsolicited advice” to the “so-called” influencer.

“I’ve seen that Buknoy is trending on Twitter. I’ve read some of the Tweets. Gen Zs… Aral muna bhe. Wag puro Tiktok bhe. Aral muna. Aral muna bhe para may alam kayo. Google, Aral… Google… aral… Google… Aral… Wag puro Tiktok, friendly advice from your Ate KaladKaren. At kung mag-aapologize, alamin kung san nagkamali and be sincere.”, the UP graduate TV host advised.

Buknoy already released an apology about the issue via Twitter.

“Hindi ko naman po sinabi na kahihiyan maging isang tricycle driver. What i mean is that you can be more than that if you keep pushing yourself. I’m not degrading anyone here. Look at the bright side people there’s too much negativity dadagdag pa ba tayo?”, the vlogger said, early Friday.

His name “Buknoy” trended no. 1 on Twitter almost whole day of Friday July 3 as many netizens, especially who have parents who work in the industry of local transportation, shared their disapproval of his commentary.

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