Grade 2 student wins netizens’ heart with impressive Tagalog reading skills

An adorable video of a Grade 2 student from San Miguel Bulacan while reading a module lesson under the subject Mother Tongue caught the attention of the netizens.

In a 42-second clip uploaded by Jessica Zabat, Fiana Lopez showcased her reading skills in pure Tagalog, which is impressive for her age. She adorably said “Sana All” when she read about a role model student who has a high grade, which made the uploader laugh.

The viral video has reached over one million views on Facebook and received positive comments from the netizens. Fiana has also been featured on local news media, GMA News, and News 5.

According to an interview of News5 with Fiana’s mother, the 8-year old student has retentive memory and always shares side comments while studying.

Here’s the Facebook Page of Fiana, her mother calls her Ping-Ping.

Watch the video below:

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