VIRAL: Husband surprises wife with 200k pesos as “sinampay”

VIRAL: Husband surprises wife with 200k pesos as "sinampay"

A sweet video of a husband surprising his wife with money worth 200 thousand pesos hanging outside their clothesline went viral on Tiktok.

Tiktok user “sanchickz” surprised his wife, “sanchiky24” with the advance gift in celebration of their 13th anniversary being together.

According to sanchickz, he wanted to make his wife happy. Because there is no amount of money that can match her love and sacrifices.

In the video, sanchickz called his wife to pick up the clothes because of the upcoming rain showers. His wife can’t stop smiling after she saw the surprise gift.

The video trended on the popular video social media app and currently has more than one million views.

Watch the romantic viral video below:

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