Floyd Mayweather knocks out Mikuru Asakura in exhibition bout

Retired boxer Floyd “MONEY” Mayweather defeated Mikuru Asakura in a boxing exhibition match Sunday, September 25, with Manny Pacquiao among spectators at Super Saitama Arena.

Just as the second round’s final horn sounded, the exhibition bout between the retired undefeated American boxer and the Japanese featherweight mixed martial artist with a 16-3 record came to an end.

With a right punch behind the ear, Mayweather, 45, knocked down Asakura, 30, who struggled to get to his feet and appeared bewildered. Referee Kenny Bayless counted him out.

Another scheduled exhibition fight for Floyd Mayweather will be against YouTuber Deji.

After the bout, Pacquiao, who retired last year and is also scheduled to compete in exhibition matches, entered the ring to greet his former foe.

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