VP Leni Robredo and Maine Mendoza join #ChallengeAccepted trend

VP Leni Robredo and Maine Mendoza join #ChallengeAccepted trend

Women supporting women.

Vice President Leni Robredo took part in the #ChallengeAccepted women empowerment trend on social media. On her personal Facebook account, she wrote “Challenge accepted. @princessbbr #womenliftingwomen”.


The premise of the #ChallengeAccepted trend is that these black-and-white photos promote female empowerment. By nominating friends to take part in the campaign is a way for women to support each other and spread love.

Though the origin where it started was unclear, the message of the trend gave positivity amid the pandemic. Many international and local celebrities posted their version of #blackandwhitechallenge photos.

According to Rappler, The “challenge” starts by sending DM or PM that said, “Among women, there are several criticisms; instead, we should take care of each other.”

Then, those who received the message are told to post a black and white photo, write “challenge accepted,” and tag the person who sent them the message.

Next, the one who posted then instructed to challenge 50 women via DM as well. “I chose you because you are beautiful, strong, and incredible,” concludes the message.

Kapuso star Maine Mendoza also joined the women empowerment trend and included an uplifting message. On her Instagram, she wrote,

“Challenge accepted. Because we are not always “beautiful, strong and incredible”. Here’s my entry to acknowledge the downs and not just the ups. Cheers to the strong; to the brave; and to the broken ones out there. We are all fighters and survivors in our own battles. Whatever life throws at us, let’s keep going. Keep swimming.. just keep swimming.”


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