Kid borrows dad’s phone to place order on food delivery app goes viral

Kid borrows dad’s phone to place order on food delivery app goes viral

A father got surprised when a Food Panda delivery rider was knocking at their door.

Until Angelito Respecia realized that his son borrowed his smartphone and confirmed the young man placed the orders. The total price costed more than 1000 pesos. Angelito’s son even used a discount voucher worth 190 pesos.

Angelito posted the receipt with the photos of his son with the delivered set of food, namely Bihon Guisado, teriyaki chicken, spicy chicken, cappuccino shake, and Buko juice. His Facebook post immediately went viral as many netizens got fond of the unintentional act of the little boy.

Some said luckily he ordered food instead of other things. Some, who are parents too, can relate to Angelito because they also experienced the same with their child.

The post also served as a lesson to monitor the activities of their child while using smartphones. As of this writing, Angelito’s Facebook post has shared more than 21 thousand, 32 thousand reactions, with more than seven thousand comments.

Delivery service apps like Food Panda are on-demand as people can order in cafes and restaurants even their inside the house. Moreover, delivery service companies gave opportunity to Filipinos to have a job, especially in these trying times. Delivery riders are also considered frontliners as they gamble their health and safety in order to serve amid the pandemic.

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