Netizens urge “FORCE EVICT TJ” due to unsolicited touching to Shanaia

Netizens urges "FORCE EVICT TJ" due to unsolicited touching to Shanaia

The hashtag “FORCE EVICT TJ” created a buzz and became a top trending topic in the Philippines, same date with Pinoy Big Brother’s 3rd Eviction Night on Saturday, November 20.

Due to TJ Valderrama’s constant touching, netizens, mainly Pinoy Big Brother Season 10 Celebrity Edition followers, are concerned for Shanaia Gomez inside the house.

On Twitter, viewers observed TJ’s right hand abruptly touching the left part of Shanaia’s thigh (upper leg part) in a video clip from the Pinoy Big Brother KUMU live stream.

Eventually, the video quickly went viral, eliciting a furious and alarmed reaction, particularly among female fans of the stated reality show.

Furthermore, additional clips and screenshots emerged showing TJ touching Shanaia in some other time.

The issue caught the attention of the Gabriela Women’s Party.

“We have taken note of several photos and videos related to the FORCE EVICT TJ Twitter trend.”

“A reminder that unsolicited touching and physical contact, even in the context of friendship or even relationship, can be a form of sexual harassment.”, GABRIELA wrote.

“We hope the PBB show can be a positive avenue for teaching this very important reminder, especially as we will commemorate #IDEVAW2021 with a call for the stricter implementation of Safe Spaces Act.”, GABRIELA added on a separate tweet.

The Pinoy Big Brother has yet to announce its official statement about the issue.

Shanaia Gomez is a newcomer in the music industry. She is a singer and a signed Rise Artist.

TJ Valderrama is a Comedian, actor, and It’s Showtime’s Funny One Finalist.

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