Determined mom passes the Nurses Licensure Examination on fifth try

Determined mom passes the Nurses Licensure Examination on fifth try

A touching video of a family waiting for the result of Nurses Licensure Examination for their mom went viral on social media.

After passing the Nursing Board Exam on her fifth try, a hardworking mom sheds tears of genuine happiness.

Michelle Guerra-Flores shared her joy in a Facebook post after passing the Nurses Licensure Examination (NLE) in November 2021.

While waiting for the examination result, the touching video of her and her family went viral on Tiktok and Facebook. Her story inspired many netizens, especially those aspiring to be registered nurses.

Michelle earned a BS in Nursing in 2004 and failed her first take after giving birth to her first child. She attempted to retake the licensure exam a year after her first try but could not pass.

Michelle struggled to find secure employment that would help her husband fulfill their family’s financial needs. Eventually, she acquired a job in the BPO industry and put her goal to become a nurse on hold. After a decade, she attempted the exam for the fourth time but still failed.

But Cris, Michelle’s husband, and her children motivated her to take the NLE in November. At first, she was hesitant, believing that a month is insufficient to review. Then she eventually applied online for the licensure exam on the last day of filing and started to study again.

“A month before the exam, my husband and children encouraged me to take the board exam (NLE November 2021) this year. I hesitated because I knew that I was not ready. One month is not enough to review and prepare since it’s almost two decades since I graduated. I think my brain is already ‘rusted’ and requires more time to be sharpened again. But because of their persistence, I realized I should retake the exam. I applied online on the last filing day for the exam.”

“I took my old notes and some review materials to read in my free time since I’m still working on a graveyard shift and need to sleep during the daytime. Two weeks before the exam, I was lucky to attend a final coaching online review RGO NLE Final Coaching 2021 at RGO Nursing Review Center – Cebu City for 8hrs every day for 10days straight. I had to risk/gamble my sleep and rest to have a refresher for my rusted brain, lol. However, thank God I survived and was able to take the exam for two days (Nov 21-22, 2021) with excitement and mixed emotions,” she revealed.

And after waiting for the result for three weeks, the time, effort, and sleepless nights paid off because Michelle is “Finally, a Registered Nurse.”

Read the full post of Michelle below:

Permission to Post….long post 😊 Finally a Registered Nurse 😊. Graduated BSN year 2004, was not able to pass my…

Posted by Michelle Guerra-Flores on Friday, December 10, 2021

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